Friday, June 19, 2009

Finally, something new - Tiger, unfinished pencils

So, I have not finished this yet but it does represent something that I have worked on in the last few months (not going thru the archives of older paintings and drawings). I actually had wanted to add water color and water color pencils to a light pencil sketch. But, ah, I drew this on the cover sheet of the water color pad and not the 40 lbs paper. The cover sheet will not accept water, therefore it has become a more complete sketch.

It is hard to see the rest of the torso, but I have laid it out, along with the stripes. I was actually beginning to worry that I was losing my ability to sketch and draw. But I am pleased with this thus far.

Hope you enjoy.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

As My Dreams Died-redux

The partner to "Ever Wistful" was "As My Dreams Died". A bit melodramatic, but hey, I liked the way this looks with the original poetry finally added.

This time I used Keynote instead of Photoshop. For what ever reason I could not get the font to fit in Photoshop properly. Keynote is a pretty neat program and I am enjoying learning how to use it.